YouTube Fun Class

YouTube HK Fun Class (#YouTube香港玩樂派) - A series of fun classes connecting followers with creators

YouTube is a great place for creators to share their passion and showcase their talent; and for people to discover, learn, and get connected to the like-minded tribe. Watching these creators online is great but what if we bring the experience to offline and get the community and creator a step closer? Started in May, Google HK invite passionate YouTube Hong Kong creators to host various fun classes such as cooking, travel, fitness, gadget, gaming to wellbeing to share, learn and have fun together with YouTube!



On design side, we need to come up with a visual mnemonic to represent YouTube Fun Class in every category. These are made into stickers and visual element that creators can share on their videos and social platform. While we are creating the lock up of the visual and logo, Google HK Comms team are busy organizing the event and co-ordinating sign ups. 


'A social-first campaign with series of fun classes showcasing HK creators' talent and passion, promoting YouTube, and growing the community'. quoted from Google HK PR Comms.




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Notable Quotes & Highlights:

  • Melody’s followers on YouTube grew to 68K+ (an increase of 1K+)

  • 10K+ views, 2.7K+ interactions, 50+ videos and photos shared by influencers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube


  • Emi’s followers on YouTube grew to 61K+ in just 3 months, with a boost of of 13K+ since the YouTube HK Fun Class pre-event is out!

  • 6.1K+ views and 113 comments for pre-event video on YouTube, with Emi responding to each follower’s comment

  • 13.2K+ views, 253 interactions, and 80 comments for post-event video on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, with Emi sharing her YouTube journaney and future plan

  • 3.6K+ interactions generated from influencers’ and fans’ videos and photos shared on social

  • iMoney lifestyle editor Anna enjoyed the fitness class and urged people to follow Emi’s YouTube channel.


What we can improve?

"Thanks to YouTube, I got to share my passion in bakery via videos and gained awareness, hence got approached by business partners to open my bakery shop and cooking studio today," Melody shared at the class and on video

  • Tech and lifestyle blogger Shadow shared fun photos and wrote a blog highlighting "YouTube is a must-go video platform for entertainment and information."

Key learnings

  • Show YouTube love: Fans value the opportunities to meet their favorite YouTube creator, and it's valuable for them to meet and share what they like. Moreover, YouTube partnership team was onsite to advise Emi how to further grow her channel and handle MNC enquiry.

  • Google product magic corner: It’s win-win to show our product magic, that had strong tie to the theme of YouTube HK Fun Class. People took photos and asked more questions about how to use Google Search and Translate more in their daily lives.

  • Fresh look of rising creators: This initiative allows us to approach media with a refreshing experience and angle to introduce rising creators, who are talented and passionate. They look forward to meeting more YouTube creators like Melody and Emi.

Emi Wong from Stay Fit and Travel (68K+ subscribers) shared how she moved from Instagram to YouTube to share fitness videos with global audience; and led a 30-minute workout class for lifestyle bloggers, fans, and Googlers!  Lots of positive comments, fun photos and love shared on social! While the YouTube creator was the hero of the day, we also showed Google product magic. We invited all classmates to Search for “calories of banana” and use Word Lens to translate Emi’s recommended Banana Almond Shake recipe instantly. Many were amazed by the instant translation! (pre-event video, post-event video, event photos & video, full event report)