Guinness MoreSquare



A check in app for guinness for the battle of the pubs 'made of more'.


Guinness holds an unfortunate local reputation of being a brand meant for older males. How do we entice more young people to come together to enjoy Guinness in Singapore pubs? While taking the brand message of Guinness – 'Made of More' further digitally.


The process was the fun bit. We identified our target audience and went out to survey them. To understand their needs and how they perceive Guinness as a brand. And we went around looking at other beer brands’ digital platform. After 2 tough months of research, we came up with a solution that engages the younger users and connects them with the brand itself.


A social check-in app MORESQUARE that targets the young and smartphone-savvy users. Aligning with this app, we held a 3-month long experiment where every Saturday, 2 Guinness-serving pubs in Singapore faced off with the MORESQUARE check-in app. The reward for the winning pub is free social status and advertising. The rewards for users range from free flow Guinness to promotions of the day. The battle strongly promoted the brand that’s ‘Made of More’. The more friends you invite to join you for this battle, the more chances of getting rewarded by the brand itself.


Check in on the selected pub. Receive a pop-up notification message on the day's reward for the battle. Check the ‘Made of More’ battle real-time updates on the map.


MORESQUARE is more than just a check-in app. It's an app that connects all the people who participate in the ‘Made of More’ Battle. It's a tool that makes embracing the brand more fun and eradicates the brand perception that it's only for older folks.